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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My own Guy Montag

Stop! You are advised to continue if you have read Farenheit 451. If you haven't, then run to your nearest bookstore (as soon as it opens), buy the book, read the book and come back. Go on then chop chop.

Now, it seems that I've found my personal Guy and it is called Wikipedia. In fact the damn site is super Guy. Guy just burnt books. The site is burning books, movies and video games for me. Why you ask? You see, I am a working man now. Due to which, my reading/ watching and gaming time has been drastically cut down. I manage a few chapters where I read the whole day, I have to plan to watch a movie, I get only a few hours of gaming time per day... Now Wikipedia is one of the few entertaining sites permissible at work. So I end up reading the 'plot summaries' fo everything. After that, the book/movie/game just isn't fun anymore.

Woe is me. Damn you Wikipedia!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Was watching the TV after a long time and thanks to the shitty satellite signal I was stuck with MTV. There to my utter horror I saw five new filmy songs with distorted guitars on peppy Punjabbi beats (With a gyrating Saif Ali Khan and swooning Rani Mukharji to boot).

Now I think I have ranted somewhere about the fear of Black T-shirts. Imagine an India where braindead idiots not only wear Black T-shirts with Metchul Band names on them but also with Himesh, Pritam and Annu Mallick Black T-shirts... Exactly!

To convey a measure of my horror, I leave you with this image.