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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Procrastination.... yummy....


This is a test blog post to see if I can shirk work while at work! So if you see this post here, then know this, I am blogging from my office hoo haa haaaa!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Any bugger you like

Dear friends,
Our honorable president period ends by 2007. He had been informed not
to continue. Some youngsters of INDIA set a site given below for
requesting the Indian government to extend his period for the next
five years. If you are willing Dr.APJ to continue as president can
enter their support in that website. Hurry UP. Please forward it to
all Indians.


plz help!!!!!!




With our population being in more than 100 crores !!

I recently came across this email. Now my rant is composed of two parts. I shall begin with the first one now.

Why APJ?

Why is the Indian diaspora enchanted with the guy? He's a president for god's sake a figurehead without any real power. So it doesn't matter if it is APJ or Late and honourable Phoolan Devi. I can recall that when APJ's was elected the president, the media went wild. His being muslim and the possessor of long hair became a serious topic of discussion. People were actually asked that if a long haired president really different? According to the article 74 of the Indian Constitution, "[a] council of ministers to aid and advise the President who shall, in exercise of his functions, act in accordance with such advice" Rendering the much coveted Mr Kalam quite useless. Infact the world speaks to us in symbols. Pink Floyd gave us the answer to the president question quite a while back if you make a subtle change to one of their songs. Just change colour to bugger. And the president can be any colour you like.
<- End of first Rant(tm) ->

What are these online petitions anyhow?

I mean who the hell reads them? The governments surely don't neither, I think, the people who matter. So who reads (and subsequently forwards) them? Having done the same on a previous occasion, I can assure you that it is a pathetic loser who reads and forwards this stuff. A poor little sod who knows he is helpless but wants to do the proverbial something to make a difference. Difference.. yeah right. Jackass... phbbt
<- End of second Rant(tm) ->

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The first of the fourth

Ahh so here I am typing my first few words of the erm fourth blog of mine. I happen to have a fascination with this thing but for all the fascination, I remain true to my nature. Yes I admit. I am a lazy bum. My previous attempts at blogging began with some burning thing that I wanted to shout out to the world. But eventually, when I did shout out, I found it to be a little like a whimper and a lot like bullshit.

The worst thing about a blog is that you can actually review whatever you have written and the almighty backspace can undo whatever you deem stupid at that instant of time. As is the case with me, I happen to find everything either extremely stupid or absolutely enthralling in retrospect. So I end up either deleting or just forgetting about the blog.

This one, however, takes its birth from the fact that Azeez, a close friend, has just started his blog. It seems now that everyone in my ex-peer group has one therefore effingo ergo sum, I copy therefore I am. All through my college life I have passed several pointless and hopelessly boring classes through copying. Now after college I am stuck in this giant huge boring class of a job so I am kind of hoping that my sacred talisman of copying might redeem me still.

Oh well time to sleep. Ghusipoouanguhhh.