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Monday, March 19, 2007


I popped into Haze, a blues bar, today. I had an office mate coming over along with his guitar teacher. Lets refer to the teacher as G. Now G happens to be a blues man. He happens to be so a blues man that he starts de-constructing every song that's being played. 'Okay a fifth bar, three -- 12 bar'. This struck me as extremely sad. Imagine listening to music as a mathematical equation! What is the point of listening to it at all then?

Sunday, March 18, 2007


A couple of days back I was sitting in office and doing something i dislike; namely work. As complete concentration has always eluded me, I was thinking and muttering and cribbing (if we could read peoples thoughts, we'd find that all of us are deranged lunatics!). While I was cribbing, I was hit by a thought so powerful that I had to stop for a while (not that I had any qualms about stopping). The thought gentle reader was this. Up to college, we mark our time in years but as we start working, our time frames shrink to a week. We live our lives in weeks instead of years. I am now 40 weeks old.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wise Words

This I had to post! My fortune today at orkut was this:

"You have an unusual equipment for success, use it properly"

Woo hoo!! ;)

Ticky Tacky

This is the view from my office cafeteria window every morning. Such a depressing thing to watch every morning. Reminds me of the Little Boxes song.

Little boxes made of Ticky Tacky
Little boxes all the same...

and to think that I come all packed in one of these boxes every(week)day is so disheartening!

Pulling teeth

Well a wisdom tooth at that! Last Wednesday, I woke up and found I couldn't open my jaw as well I was used to. Being a lazy bum that I am, I chose to ignore it. But after an entire day of living on fluids, as I couldn't get anything in my mouth besides a straw, I went to the dentist. Now mister dentist told me I'm getting a bumper crop of wisdom teeth. Two for the agony of well.... five hundred twenty two thousand!! This had two repercussions. The significant dent it made in my pocket (thereby forcing me to cancel my flans for the maiden gig Gaaaah!!!!) and the impending pain. It's wednesday today and I'm one wisdom tooth less and in some real annoying pain. Gaaah hate you fucking wisdom tooth!! Curses!!