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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Break the code... Not really

The new Sony Vaio Z commercial being aired here struck me as rather ironic. The ad shows a man working on an ultra small laptop and forced to use a magnifying glass to use it. Then comes a girl with a huge laptop she's having difficulty carrying. The shot pans out and we see all the actors being turned into ceramic dolls denoting the sameness of all the laptops (all of these have something that's inconvenient). Now in walks the Sony Vaio guy. He's super cool, he's wearing hep clothes and is walking as all cool people do. And bam all the bad laptops turn into Sony Vaio Z's and the people come back to life.

Now comes the ironic part, throughout the ad the following song is being played:
I'm not you and you're not me,
But I look around and all I see is me, (ceramic transformation done)
Change the code, break the code,
Take the new road (Sony Vaio saves the day!)

Followed by the new Sony tagline - Like no other...

How are people breaking codes if they use the same laptops?



gffounder said...

idon't much think the vaio tv ad is epic, but i think the song is sweet!!! is it a previously published song, or did sony have it written for the ad???

Anonymous said...

hey i just read your comment on my blog and remembered...any luck with the song yet? :P